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Photos to walk, like take the last line of balance spring, from now on will lose soul. Only the box careless floor, is so pale and went to the spot under the sunshine point-blank mask, the tears, until the middle of the night to hear the clatter of tears in the glass. Or as usual static, quiet even fell to the dust in the air can make a sound. Occasionally awakened frame mumbling gibberish, eagerly looked down, or a blank, or inadvertently. Photo frame and thick closed her eyes and continued to speak only yourself can hear understand the story.
At that time also is such a quiet, quiet can hear the air is singing. The frame of the hand is always surrounded by the photos, careful care. Most of the time just quietly looking at photos that look in the eyes of the obsession in the distance, enduring every slight change, don’t want to interrupt her daydream, afraid of one day of release. ‘talk?”Picture frame of deep said. ‘press, say” photos are still looking at the distance. “we will always embrace hold?””Let me be forever so be holding you, smelling the smell of you, enjoy your plain security and the temperature of the sun, but……,” “but what?”I am afraid of sunshine bring me warm at the same time can let my youth fade, face grow old little by little, and that is a terrible thing!”Really scary? Some don’t understand of ask frame.” time will let us mentality change, lost at the same time, it will have eternal. Just let it be, let us embrace the change old rotten, paste together, melting into one, right up until the moment that we can’t see the sun, is it not a kind of happiness. “didn’t know, still heavy looking at the distant place, her pupils in the sunlight slightly smaller, with fear of dim. The frame for a long time didn’t raise his head, down her eyes straight at the distance, seemed to see her heart and maybe that day really not far away. Beddinginn reviews provide the nice home decors for you and your family. Nowadays, beddinginn nice reviews display the nice picture about many aspects. You can scan the articles and know more.



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