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Mediterranean style, contracted, with tonal give priority to, light and shadow, is not so gorgeous city, there are only quiet, this is life, life also is such, modern Mediterranean style.Design concept: the case using the modern Mediterranean style build indoor space plain, elegant, romantic atmosphere, advocate natural, pure rural amorous feelings.In addition to meet the owner of the home, pay more attention to the environmental atmosphere, the cultural connotation, mental functions such as construction.Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics.Pay attention to space on combination collocation, make full use of every inch of space, and not show constraint, do not break the atmosphere, especially use open more free space;On the selection, generally choose the subdued color natural, integrating decoration and application;On cupboard door, such as combination collocation to avoid trivial, let a person feel romantic breath everywhere and eclecticism culture grade.The case for the double double entry, design style is Mediterranean style.Ju wood brushing lacquer process, fixed furniture, white local brunet furniture, deserve to go up on colour contrast.Sofa, curtain, wallpaper and other details with shallow brown, is the complement of this depth contrast color, make the colour on the space won’t appear too.Positioning on the style, although is ou shi, but is different from the traditional classic European style, on modelling, did not use the common elements, such as the Roman column, fireplaces, here can’t see the publicizing of baroque, detail place using circular arc processing, looks more natural, proper.TV setting local silver mirror modelling, resolve the bay is formed by a small new cramped sitting room, at the same time, using the combination of soft package, to sound reflection, played a good improvement, for people who like to enjoy family cinema, it is a good choice.Storage tank under the stairs, namely, rise to decorate the effect, is ideal to receive place, beautiful at the same time, have to be very practical.Bronze chandelier, wall lamp, with bent arm reminiscent of the ancient Mediterranean romance and mystery.This also is to have been to the foreign country, like the owner of the romantic, is exactly what she wanted. Beddinginn reviews is the good choice for person who seeking for the simple and romantic. Beddinginn nice reviews provide many styles of decoration. You can choose the nice one.



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