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Thoughts against the past memories, one tragic play a song, unable to bear.Hazy smell intoxicating beauty.Looking at the stars that the noise of the boring.There is a strange feeling.May be the next corner, under a second heart.Under a dim ethereal.You smiled at me stood in the street.Say my bad, cheap to pick the cotton candy in the air has been melted, the sweet in the heart has been shattered, canthus tears have dried.The voice of the phone has been cold.How many if miss the most beautiful smile kept shaking, so the time stopped.The horizon rendering this delicate and touching of the world.
The cloudy day of valentine’s day, let all my mind bit by bit, a person’s emotional browsing your photos.Open the space for a long time not logged in, look at you if have if have no speech.
Can’t help but want to leave yesterday.Tap the keyboard warm said.As if I had never been to your world, I have no trace at all.Reply to you;Trace written in your heart, can you see?I try to send once strange taste with a smile.I had to pretend to can’t see, don’t want to know his sore back.A person’s emotional hug the side of the road maintenance.Quiet has lost to let it go, replied;Eternal love.Eternal distance. Beddinginn reviews attract  people who with the sweet dream. Beddinginn nice reviews give you the lonely dream.

Beddinginn reviews



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Beddinginn Reviews

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