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Bedroom light shoulds not be too bright, try to use indirect lighting and tunable light source.Because the bed is the place of quiet, bright light can make people restless, so it is best to indoor soft incandescent lighting.Use less as far as possible fluorescent lamp as the main source of the bedroom, incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp compared with the former is more adaptable to foil the atmosphere of peace.At the same time, the colour of the light should be coordinated with indoor color photograph.
Flowers and plants and bed bedroom shoulds not be too close, herbal sex cold belong to Yin.Plant lines in the evening is a reflective cooperation with not only with room for room of oxygen absorption, and spit out to the human body to absorb carbon dioxide, the ministry of the magnetic field operation and health of human body has a bad influence, therefore, suggested that during the day in the room to purify the air conditioning, evening best put on the balcony.Flowers and plants in appropriate department before red ribbon to Yin.
The bedroom put less metal items.Suggest the person that reside to avoid placing too much metal objects in the room.Tonal cooler for metals.Too cold things not bedroom sweet atmosphere.Try to choose no reflection effect in the decorations.Such as tapestry, not glass or not reflective glass painting.In addition, the bedroom shoulds not be decoration sword, weapons, statue, destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom adornment such as ghost. The comfortable bedroom will give the relaxed feeling and happy mood. Beddinginn reviews related the suggestions when you decorate your bedroom. Beddinginn nice reviews give you the nice and beautiful decors.



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