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Times change, and she saw no dancing like acacia tears.Years, the world of mortals, she saw a scene parting locks in an ecstasy.Looking back, like the rose flowers on prick the hand of a root thorns, with the pain of living.The top of the mountain that day at dusk, she stood there, in front is inhuman chardonnay residue, thick, thin cloud day, is the shadow of slender dragged behind endless desolation.Long hair flying in the wind, can’t see her face, than tears like pearls at first, at the moment she silent like a hard stone.More pathetic for a dead heart, such as that in the courtyard is bare of flowers, unable to touch the petals fell to the earth, only waiting for their own wither, to pursue the bottom of my heart that acacia.When left flower petals, with a hint of lingering fragrance, it is the world’s most throbbing parting.Maybe she jump, can settle this pain, in the heart of its moments of beauty, is still the only one like you.In the old days, is that the time’s river with a golden light.She was happy in his palm, gently held by him, always reluctant to let go.Long five-arched paved with green flag, he and she together, hand in hand in those warm smile aftertaste again and again the beautiful fairy tale, cafes, cinemas, library, the pair back enjoy the classic moments of love, she thinks it’s a lifetime, but a lifetime how long?Once dazed and confused for her to ignore the length of the time and temperature. Beddinginn reviews give you the beautiful scene and the great loving stories. Beddinginn nice reviews is the warm place for you and everyone.



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