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Home life is connected with the curtain, the curtain is pulled open when the morning, chilly winter morning flow;Dusk to draw the curtains for you, keep outside the curtain drops of halo – a match between, a day and hurried away.A pull together countless times, in the memory stream into a transmigration, days like this slip.
Home life and has nothing to do with the curtain – it was at night, haven’t installed the curtain of night, there are about three or four nights.That night I heard the somebody else kept fireworks, colorful flowers bloom in the dark of night, like a black velvet coat shiny gems pins, but for a while and look tired, no curtain that shu eye, head buried in the soft pillow.Disappeared visual, auditory sensitive born baby, unexpectedly also recognized in the sound of the fireworks yee: this voice rumbled night heart beating?Is one dream?Is a dream will wake up?Is the legendary beast’s footsteps?- the result of thinking is often awake, have to and could see no window curtain swallowed by the night scene.
I do not know when, the fireworks had withered.It is quiet at the moment.Home front two red lanterns have been put out, without the distraction of the red light, I clearly saw two small building still bright lights in the distance.Before they are a, a, they form has been masked by the night, the lights at the moment is their soul, I looked at their soul, heart is very confused: this lights, too similar. Beddinginn reviews give the feeling of happy and peace. You can keep the pure heart and enjoy the clean life. Beddinginn nice reviews is the quiet place.



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