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Sitting room is the core of the family residential area, modern residence, the largest area of the sitting room, the space is open, the position is the highest, the style of its tone is often household style main vein, holding the style of whole bedroom.
So to determine the good of the sitting room decorate a style is very important.Can choose according to his be fond of traditional style of modern, mix building a style, style, Chinese style or western style, and so on.The style of the sitting room can be done through a variety of techniques, including ceiling design and lighting design, and deserve to act the role of stage, including the different colour is applied is more suitable for show the different style of the sitting room, highlight the space.
Can choose a yellow ribbon black decorative pattern of sofa, tea table is glass.Put a few grass green pillow.Fluffy carpet, with red flowers and green grass.Child’s life, children should use symbol is green to represent life.Add the color of life at home, you can let your baby can drink green grass thrive.And then there is the curtain, the curtain to mix method, is not a home with a curtain, in fact is not the case, as long as you like with a variety of curtain falling up your home.We can also again two paragraphs are hung on the same window curtain, if you are single words can be laminated hanging, can also be side by side, so that can add color.Can cooperate with your choice of furniture also choose a picture or two. The light has two functions, practical with adornment sex.Living room rendering rendering practicality is set for a local function.Decoration is used for rendering space atmosphere, let a space more levels, or some local adornment, but with the outstanding performance.Decorative lighting is not leading role, it is, in a supplementary role to appropriate, unfavorable and overmuch, and make a person dazzling both primary and secondary.Avoid unnecessary lights appear. Beddinginn reviews give you the feeling of home. You can enjoy life in the quiet surroundings. So coming to beddinginn nice reviews and experience the peace.



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