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Always likes to reorganize the balcony, clean, grow some flowers and vegetables, with some delicate.Spring is coming, optional sow some seeds and vegetable seeds.Summer arrived, a balcony full of vitality and green, micro breeze blows floral notes.When, corner idle a large celadon flower POTS, with lime tunnel block underneath, and filled with water, put pebbles, implanted aquatic plants, market buy a goldfish, into the fish tank.And then placed in the shade of the hanging hangs the money plant cane.Happy fish swimming, sometimes floating on the surface of the water, sometimes the sink in crevices, and sometimes into the reeds.So always likes to sit on the balcony on cany chair, against the wind, with flowers, a light reading book, a cup of green tea, a mood.Prefer to stand on the balcony.Chaoyang, even stand in the morning, the first;Bathed in the afternoon sun, watching the clouds scud across;In the afterglow of the setting sun, appreciate the artistic conception of “sunset infinite good”;On the night of the stars twinkle, the month full moon lacks.Let my mind fly on the balcony, feel the nature of the sun, wind, flowers, feel the beauty and desolate in all seasons.The balcony, is a happiness and warmth of the heavens and the earth. Beddinginn reviews provide the different style for you. If yo like, please focus on customer service for beddinginn reviews.



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