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At the moment, I quietly sat in the balcony rocking chair, in Harbin, calm like autumn waters.Only, such as the sun slowly landed the incomparable beauty.
By this time the weather is hot, cold wind hit the intermittent cold creek.Light fondle ear hair, eyes still is so firmly fixed in the sky, and finally, with a red sky I feel surprise – the sunset, sunset?
I can’t look straight into the sun, its light too bright, always make me feel she is sacred and inviolable.That stretch in the suburbs on the edge of the horizon, and expect to be gleaming with shade yes, the sun slowly close to it, the sun red cloak appear is so beautiful, the longer the delay, it seems, still hide a sad story.
I don’t remember how long did it take the sun red cloak is almost over half the sky, she gently handwaving, there is a dance to find the charm of the film.Paint it in red or orange, the pieces of clouds to soak, then I as early as in the fairy tales “barbie and the magic of pegasus,” see that gorgeous clouds.I looked up, light smile, like a stretched out his hand, can be so warm color department.
I borrowed a pair of wings to birds, and home, do the dance of the sun.I only need a small piece of position, and then, so quietly.
The setting sun is only a little distance from the horizon like she can jump jump in at any time.I seem to see her looking back: to start, it is so sad, she is in the attachment? Mind, and suddenly there was a voice, “tomorrow, we will meet again.” Beddinginn reviews formed their own style and habits. Welcoming to customer service for beddinginn reviews and achieve yourself.



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