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Always hear people say that marriage is a pair of shoes, not appropriate right only oneself know, it really makes sense.In reality there are many such examples, the face of a well-matched couple husband and wife, but soon parted.But some how see how doesn’t match, together for many years.And some people say that marriage is a mystery, no one can crack the mystery.
But I think that marriage more like a tree.Once is built at the foot of the soil, and whether the soil is fertile or poor, just go on, is growing.The wind comes, even if it was blowing east west sway, calm, may also have a little hurt, but will slowly recover.Soaking rain, swept over the trunk, and flooded the treetops, but when love and clear sky, she will smile at the sun, as if to say, you see, I’m ok.Marriage this tree, year after year, let the wind and frost sleet, it always stand there, enduring, general waves has been hard to make it died.
To marriage, love is more like a cloud, with light, romantic, elegant, she change myriad, mysterious, become a mountain for a moment, a moment into a river, such as pure cotton, at this time was like the pentium horse, occasionally with color gauze, like a mysterious girl, if the if, also in difficult period, graceful, complicated and make you both happy for her, and sad for her, for she is crazy, and she was drunk. Beddinginn reviews give you the peaceful life and quiet heart. You can forget the troubles and unhappiness in Beddinginn warm reviews. Just enjoy it!



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