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The last there is a broken line in the world, the vicissitudes of.If can use the clean of heart, along the passage back, under the porch window of sunshine, writing zen sentences, then the heart will be the bodhi.Time’s up, how many things, such as pure water rock clear?How many stories, can write a perfect ending?Always have docked the ship and always have run aground beach, there is always the winding road, also have low mountains, life, the most beautiful in mind, always from a given.
Years flavour, in plain heart, a gentle eyes, and see the cloud were blossoming, see green hills, see the myriad waves of the sea, watching the sunset afterglow, with beautiful heart, feel the morning qing ning, the leaves of the night, the fragrance of a flower, drunk, will be a little smile express in the world of mortals misty rain, and can be experiencing and vegetation, the heart, also like leaves the indifferent of leaves.
Thank fate, often can give me a eyes empty, a piece of scenery, and feeling and calm, let me in and out of time grow flowers and trees, a time, I was able to read after the spectacular scenery, still can do the most really yourself, like a flower, between the flow of light artistic, and clear the light and shade depth of life, if the tide after the heart not the trace of smoke dust fall. Beddinginn reviews is the nice place with delicate bedding sets and abundant home decors. You can choose the one you like in beddinginn charming reviews.



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