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July, summer, lotus opens young, because it was dried in the tang poetry in the lotus heart, they really want to see the lotus with ying ying and graceful water, makeup delicate and graceful appearance.
From the tall willow pond, tiantian lotus leaf, lianxiang he, embroidered without wind, rippling, lotus is low, aroma is quiet, flowers such as drunk, bright appearance and graceful, fragrant, braving scorching sun, let the beautiful summer time.ACTS have the hard-currency countless…
Meant a woman who diffuse disconsolate, comparable to couple the beauty face, no one know heart alone.West wind sad blue waves, red blossoms pin not over, all fell and the tragic no defense.
Enchantingly beautiful gorgeous flowers, as in life, in the summer the utmost perfection of bright and beautiful, autumn, inevitable gaunt decay, unable to escape from the withering of ages.
Like a dream always give, where human amorous?
Just, everyone is eager to life can be beautiful like summer flowers general cheng fang!Knowing that fade, also very yearning… Coming to beddinginn reviews and experience the pretty. Beddinginn flower reviews give the nice picture of lotus.



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