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I want to a quiet place, enron’s life.In total there is confusion of disturbing thoughts into his heart, such as depressed suffocating sultry day uncomfortable.Life as boundless nets, I stuck in the middle of the net!Like fell into the abyss of spent, struggle hard, also can not find a glimmer of light.When black slim is long, life is short, can find outlet?
How many days, and efforts to pursue, and hope to find a bright.Boring days, however, life dull, carry on yesterday, today again copy today tomorrow, day after day in copying the pessimistic.Life becomes less like a blade of grass in the autumn wind kabuli trembling, beg for can get a respite, good walk tall, raised his head.How can faint life can carry on the strong autumn wind again, can only be shaking in the autumn wind into my helpless.I like autumn in a tree grass, only from day to day.
In the boom also corrupt society, however, everything in terms of money, interest exists everywhere.In real life, such as the fire of desire, money and beauty, car and a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, driving the humble heart not disorderly illusions, hard to avoid is not laid in the balance of animal, erected in five thousand traditional moral being buried by the secular haze eye in dirty dark ravine, the expansion of the desire of unscrupulous covet material requirements. Beddinginn reviews give you the nature and beauty. Beddinginn nature reviews give you the scene and hope.



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