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The quiet night, accustomed to a person quiet sitting in front of a computer, write something about it.But at the moment, I thought some messy, meditation, also could not write a decent article.In the face of all those inflamed, the thought is agile, knowledge rich, independent-minded and readers favorite author, watch these shallow and pale, empty words, feel some writer’s block, has a sense of “edge”, little touch of inspiration.At the moment I turned, and an orderly of the books in the bookcase, seems to want to can find a little inspiration from there.I stood up and walked to the front of the bookcase, careful reading catalogue, hope they can inspire me.Moment, I saw in the corner of the bookcase, put the two books look seems to be some old, book paper are some yellow, I know it’s mother read the novel “a century of my life,” and “Manhattan Chinese women”.The two mother autobiographical novel.Moved several times, I don’t have the willing to discard, because this is my favorite novel self-help.Beauty has always been my idol in my heart.I have seen many times before and after, I almost can memorize the plot of the story.But I still can read. Beddinginn reviews give you the atmosphere of reading. Beddinginn beauty reviews give you the beauty of home.



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