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There is no beauty and ugliness, beauty and ugliness is only in the human heart.There is no, are not only in the human heart.There is no good and evil, good and evil, for the heart.Evil is standing in your point of view, standing in the point of view of others may be good.Sunshine is almost avenue, her level is higher than water.Water is angry sometimes, but no sunshine.Her level to be higher than the mountain, the mountain after the earthquake, and the sun is not.Sunshine is like Buddha’s light, selfless ceases to I inadvertently.Inclusive, sun shines all, as long as you are willing to, she will give you.You don’t, she still give it to you.Her heart no beauty and ugliness, there is no right and wrong, good and evil, she only compassion, only give, only warm.Empty the sunlight and the omniscient.Nothing can not be sunshine, and heart were empty.There is like Buddha’s light, sunshine all, turn undead beings.Understand the sunshine, read the Buddha mind.
The sun is warm, sunny, not exclusive.She is not in their own heart to determine the good and evil, beauty and ugliness, right and wrong standard, she intangible transparent colorless, tasteless, saxiang vanity, 10 shines.Sex is zero, and empty is color.The sun does not need to return, also do not need to praise, any rewards and praise is a little.Also, any suspicion and degeneration is futile.With the sun, it is about their ears.With sunshine can not pass, in fact, the harm themselves.Why do we need to do such a fool? Beddinginn reviews is the unique place, you can find the real one. You could not lose the pure heart in beddinginn unique reviews.



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