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You looked out of the window are wilting flower, winter melody rang out gradually.Cold wind sweeping the leaves, whether you will have a little tempted, whether can after looked after his shadow, to regain the mood, will continue to believe in love? You will broke down thoughts and term float in the sky, has experienced so many fluttered in the night, wild lotus spiciness and residual falls, your heart ups and downs and peace.Ann kept a QingLian, aromatic flowers make you feel better.How long have you not so quiet, the original is still warm sunshine, the flowers still bursts, different just your mood.If you feel happy, the beauty of winter are different, where there is a cold.
Of board of read themselves has become a summer night you fang gardenia, fired a season of loneliness dim and die.When you meet again with the old, the mood was uneasy and instant to calm, had a familiar figure to be caring and attentive together like old friends, at that moment, you finally understand, how many how many autumn moon, your perseverance is once the innocence of time, and not about anybody anything.
Yes, you can smile for now, when memory and reality overlap, a wisp of morning light in your heart, you see each other has changed, that the shadow of the teenager has ceased to exist.So pure love, are delivered to the gardenia flower of the night.You are always so, when no longer for anyone to have feelings, you will see the warm smile, calm and easy, even the old can also be called old friends.Otherwise, even a little bit affection, you are always for yourself to find a corner, quietly watching, will not appear in the man’s world, be afraid bother, afraid of troubles, silently miss, no one will know, you always hope others can well, shouldn’t always like to suck some of the heroine. Beddinginn reviews play the role of your friend. So coming to beddinginn simple reviews.



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