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Quiet and tastefully laid out and talk free from vulgarity, simple and beautiful manners don’t need to decorate, it is still the dignified and elegant.Completely depends on brand to decorate their own woman, went in fear of men robbed a woman every day, is a not confident woman.Men ask me such as: there is a knowledge, some have no age advantage of woman how so confident, and very gentle state of mind is very young, my wife all day (11 years younger wife and beautiful) good be afraid of me and others, a fashion a fashion in the morning and afternoon…Smile: I want you to be my wife read more books, whether it’s pediatrician what magazines books to see, tell her, by the way, confidence is depends on the philosophy and poetry in the book to grace and full, can hold up the husband not several sets of clothes.And several sets of clothes can have man lifetime eye and heart, that is impossible, if it is, that a man is not a real connotation, grade of man.Man likes woman of beautiful appearance, but the man inside, can impress him is a kind of inner and outer beauty of harmony of woman, the inner beauty of external natural beauty is more lasting than to let a man.I thought is: just like plastic flower, beautiful beautiful vivid, only real beauty from inside to outside is light mountain, so fresh, so vivid.Tolstoy said, familiar, not because of beautiful just lovely, but because the lovely is beautiful.Such as: walk free and easy.If walk with pride, or walking to enjoy the free time, or pick up quietly, return to natural state of mind, to do the little girl, the woman must be confident, but in the mind have many shallow, advanced refined and vulgar vulgar things.So the book, like the woman, can be soft like water, like the cool charming, like a flower of the delicate and charming, deduce a kind of woman and book scenery, a woman with the beautiful scenery. So women must understand: a book is a woman the most durable fashion and cosmetics. Beddinginn reviews give you the suggestions about  beauty, you can do the pretty things in beddinginn fresh reviews.



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