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Life’s simple, it is a kind of to true to the pure realm of life, if life is a picture, is that several simple lines, with sparse shu lang lang indifferent;If life is a song, simple is that a few notes, deducing the zen of peace.Simple is a little flower, light, but full of fragrance, simple, is a kind of wisdom, is life a touch white flowers in the word.
The world is actually very simple, complex is the heart, the heart becomes simple, happiness will generate.Simple life, follow, along with the gender, fate, stay true, be yourself, is simple.Life, read a good book, with several friends of empathy and their loved ones together, lived a flatly light life, is a kind of simple happiness.
The heart is a city, with emotional accumulation and become, moved by affection, and because of love and warm, with heavy full figure.A piece of green in the bottom of my heart and will give birth to unlimited green;On a piece of sunshine in the bottom of my heart, life is no rainy days, with a piece of flowers at the bottom of my heart, will see happiness.
If heart kindness, warmth everywhere;If heart is simple, happy, to be the heart if the shore, life is not lost, the heart if the relief, the world well.Open the heart window, let sunshine asperses full central sea, life will have not the same wonderful. Beddinginn reviews give you the feeling of warm and sweet. Welcoming to beddinginn love reviews.



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