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Curtains have been regarded as the “crowning touch” in the home decoration. And are always indispensable. As the decorative of curtains is far greater than the practical, fashion and beautiful should be the preferred standard when we choose curtains. Cloth curtain is the fluid scenery in our home, giving room a new feeling and color. A little decoration will change the room style. Well, this article will tell you how to choose suitable curtains according to your demand.

Demand: Enjoy the first ray of sunshine:
Select: Shades & Blinds
When the light comes into your room with the sun rising, the room will quickly gather a lot of light, and the temperature will become high. The heat will also spread rapidly through the window metal frame. So, you can choose the roman shades or roller shades with a soft texture. They can ease the dazzling light with the elegant color, and decor the room with the beautiful pattern.
Tips: These types of curtains need to adapt to the rapid changes in temperature, as well as be correct thickness. Too thick will dark your room, while too thin will be useless. They should be able to wake up you with soft light, avoid the dazzling sun stimulation, and make let you enjoy the first beautiful sunshine.

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Demand: To prevent a large number of ultraviolet rays
Select: Curtain Sets
When your windows are full of light throughout the year, as the room’s most important natural light source, it can make the house turn an elegant golden. However, warm natural light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet light, it will be harmful to your skin. Therefore, the popular curtain sets will be a good choice for you. During the day, when drawing the sheer curtains, the strong light will be soft and the outdoor view will be shown by them. White drawing the shading cloth, the shading and secret feeling make you enjoy the quiet of the night. The curtain sets can meet your light conditions throughout the day.
Tips: When choosing curtains, you should consider the function of sunblock and anti-ultraviolet and other factors. Curtains will be distributed to the light; help protect the indoor furniture. Besides, the roller shades & blinds will be the best choices to your small window.

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Demand: Decor room, Weaken the light
Select: beach curtains
Strong sunlight will damage the surface of the furniture and make the fabric fade, so you should pay attention to select the special treatment of the curtains (Energy Saving), which can make the sun produce refraction, thereby weakening the intensity of light.
Tips: 3D curtains can not only block the strong sun, also show your individual, are creative decoration for your house. Similarly, 3D roller shades can meet the needs of small windows.


Demand: Blocking light, Sleep well
Select: Blackout Curtain
For people who demand black sleep environment, or who want to sleep during the day, the blackout curtains are the most appropriate. Blackout refers to a foam-backed, opaque fabric used to black out light. Blackout fabrics can block much of the light that would otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closed.
1. The color and thickness of the fabric will influence the block effect. Darker color and the thicker fabric will make the block effect better. As well, the thicker curtains’ sound-absorbing effect is better, good texture curtains can reduce 10% -20% outside noise.
2. When the curtain color is too deep, people will feel depressed after a long time; while color is too bright will cause visual fatigue, and grate people. In fact, you can choose light green, light blue and other natural, fresh colors, which please people; people who is easy to insomnia can try to use red and black curtains which help you sleep as soon as possible.

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