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With the increase in the number of people buying cars, as well as the expansion of the needs of the car seat covers, many people buy seat cover. Do not know what kind of material best suited to their car. Do you know the secret of the seat cover material?

Leather Car Seat Covers:


Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.As you can see, Genuine leather is a luxurious and expensive, natural material that offers breathability and the pleasant smell of sophistication. The supple texture of leather seat covers continues to soften as they age.

Wool Seat Covers:


Wool as a raw materials and textile fabrics. Wool offers unparalleled strength and softness. The breathing properties of the hollow wool fibers keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But Wool is naturally dirt and bacteria resistant. Although the quality of wool seat cover has good reputation, but the price is a little high that a lot of people have to choose plush material seat covers.

Suede Seat Covers:


Suede Divided into Micro suede and Supersede. Micro Suede is a man-made polyester fabric that is extremely durable and stain-resistant. The short fibers are brushed to give it added softness and flexibility. Supersede is perforated Micro Suede that offers increased breathability and high-end appearance.

PU Seat Covers:


PU, the full name of polyurethane. Also, known as leatherette, better than PVC (commonly known as Xipi) PU is a textured and treated vinyl that simulates the look of leather. PU offers easy wipe-down cleaning and is durable against scratching, fading and cracking. Some people often put the PU material seat cover wrong as a leather material to sell. Because they have many advantages, especially the price, so many people are willing to buy this material seat cover.

Ice Silk Seat Covers:


Ice is a chemical fiber silk trade names, accurately speaking is a stuffed plastic polyethylene fiber degeneration foreign products name. Since China has a lot of production of such fibers, so similar products marketed much. This fiber moisture absorption, breathable than ordinary plastic fiber cool a little better, but also has a relatively good shape retention and drape. Most ice silk filament textiles to appear so put in the hands feeling droop and fall off. Due to the physical and chemical properties and thus suitable for making ice silk summer seat cover.

Plush Car Seat Covers:


Fabric pilling, fur-like velvet fabric, it has a dense wool fiber evenly covered, suede plump, full of fat light, flexibility, good thermal properties. Factory often use this material to produce winter supplies. As the cost of this material is lower than wool, it is also welcomed by many consumers.

Linen Seat Covers:


Linen is a variety of hemp plant fibers made of cloth, with soft and comfortable, breathable fresh, washable, light fastness, corrosion, antibacterial and so on. Many people buy linen seat sets in the spring and summer, coupled with the price is not too expensive, so these two seasons are linen material seat cover hot sell period.



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