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Pale Dress:
The key to mastering the look is to choose a shade that’s complementary to your skin tone. If you’re fair-skinned, go for a shade of dress that is more pink or peach in its undertone. If you’re olive or medium-skinned, try a shade that is more beige-based. And if you are dark-skinned, go for a color that has bronze or brown tones in it.

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Beddinginn Reviews:
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“It washed up beautifully and dried nicely on a low setting. It looks awesome. Great addition to any rose lover’s room!”
“I love BeddingInn website, selling great products and fancy, also the price is reasonably cheap.”

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Wide Leg:
When celebs want to make a bold, confident and strong statement and look like they own the place, they strike a grounded, wide-leg stance. Although this look is powerful, the somewhat manly pose actually “signals a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to the red carpet process.
Sideways Glance:
Everyone knows that stars work their booties off to get into shape for movie premieres, TV appearances and awards shows. And sometimes they can’t resist flaunting the results of all that hard work.
“This kind of sideways pose is often prompted by a desire to show off months of honing and toning in the gym, resulting in a straight back and flat stomach.

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While it’s always fascinating to see who takes home the “Best Actress” trophy, red carpet fashion is hands down the most entertaining part of awards season. On these big nights, young starlets and Hollywood regulars work the camera to impress fashion mags and fans across the world.
Popped Leg:
This pose is a surefire way to show off every curve on the stars’ rockin’ bodies, James explains. “This Miss World-style popped leg shows an eye for shape, lines and design and ensures a full-length shot,” she says.
Over the Shoulder:
To throw a coy and sultry look into the mix, many actresses. “It’s all about old-fashioned flirting, as it accentuates and personalizes the eye gaze, suggesting a very direct invitation to be followed, which works well with fans,” James says.