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Vintage is all the rage in fashion from sparkling costume jewellery to those old fashion stoles grandma used to wear. The influence of fur is being seen in fashion and home dcor. Here are a few things you’ll need about buying vintage fur.
1. Where To Find Great Vintage Furs
Search local resale shops, antique shops, flea markets, garage sales and Ebay. They are all good sources for vintage furs.
2. Labels
Canadian labels to look for are Oglivy’s, Eatons and Holt Renfrew.
3. Cold Care
Any fur, old or new, should be kept in cold storage during the hot humid summer months.
4. Avoid Ciggie Smell
If the fur you love is holding the smell of cigarettes, put it back on the rack. No amount of airing it will remove the smell.
5. Avoid discoloration
Steer clear of a vintage fur with discoloration around the collar or armpits. No amount of cleaning can fix it.
6. Good Buys
Some furs have a longer life than others. Raccoon and mink are studier than muskrat and rabbit that do not stand up so well over time.
7. Recycling
If you love the fur but the style doesn’t work for you consider recycling it into something else. Use fur to line a jean jacket, create cuffs or a collar for a sweater or make it into a scarf. Cut down a full length to a jacket. The possibilities are endless.



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