Daisies Bedding from Beddinginn

Have you seen the movie “Daisy” which tell a sad love story among the three persons. A beautiful girl lost her painting equipment. When she comes to the place that she lost things, she was surprised because she seeing her lost painting equipment. A smart men found the bag she lost and gets the log replaced with a bridge. But the smart men is a killer. When he watched her from a distance, he was touched by her beautiful. So he don’t want to ba a killer. Then a beautiful sad story start as a person good will. When I watched the movie “Daisy”, I started to like the daisy!

Beddinginn-3D Colorful Barberton Daisies Floral Cotton 4-Piece Bedding Sets

Do you like the design pattern of daisies? The bright color will increase the brightness of your bedroom. If you can try to change your style of your bedroom with our 3D floral bedding set, you will find another fashion that you own. You will love your bedroom and your sleeping. When you are covered with the White Daisies Printed bedding as you sleeping in the flowers of daisies. You heart must be touched by the instant cheerful vibe. Made of cotton and tencel blend, you’ll experience all the breathable benefits of two materials renowned for adding softness and comfort. Features a hassle-free hidden zipper closure, make it easy and efficient to put this duvet cover on your comforter.

Onlwe 3D White Daisies Printed Cotton 4-Piece Bedding Sets


A luxury style for you! High quality and a favorite design for you! If you are passion for art and literature. I think that you must like it on Beddinginn. Luxury, elegant, retro are all your fashion style. And I seem to feel a light delicate fragrance from the bedding set.


Daisies Printed Cotton 4-Piece Luxury Green Bedding Sets

Daisies Printed Cotton 4-Piece Luxury Green Bedding Sets/Duvet Covers