Knowledge of car leather covers

Car leather seats are not only wear-resistant and comfortable, but also a symbol of taste and identity. But it’s unclear what kind of leather the seat in your car is. Today, we are going to make a general introduction to the classification of automobile leather cases, so that we can have a rational judgment in the choice of leather materials in the future, instead of being confused from beginning to end.


The vegetable fiber skin (commonly known as the brushed skin, referred to as the pulled silk skin) is extracted and processed into cortical patterns by various nano-techniques using the plant fiber as raw material.

Advantages: low carbon and environmental protection, breathable, wear-resistant, color selectivity, Good ductility and handle.

Disadvantages: high requirements for construction technology, many imitations

Artificial leather : (PU leather and PVC leather) prepared by the use of a mixture of resin materials (PVC and polyurethane) and other auxiliaries and processed by different processes.

Advantages: light texture, easy to process, mostly low price, rich color, more patterns.

Disadvantages: uneven quality, bad smell, harmful to the body, poor air permeability, cracking, aging.


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The era of high quality and low price is long gone, and the era of getting what you pay for is already coming. No matter which kind of leather material you choose, health and comfort must be an important factor. You should not choose inferior products for the sake of low price. Of course, we should not allow others to cheat us by buying cheap goods at a high price. Hope that we are all sincere, less detours, avoid cheating.

Realistic 3D Painted Galaxy Hoodies

The beauty of the natural universe is inspiring, and with hundreds of billions of galaxies in the known universe, there is no shortage of artwork to use for galaxy hoodies. If you’re someone who loves galaxies, a hoodie serves as one of the best ways to show love for space and look good while doing it. Below, you’ll find the best galaxy hoodies available, and since they’re top products, they offer the perfect combination of fashion, astronomy and curiosity.

12446093_1  12446102_1.jpg

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12252074_3  12901934_8.jpg

The unisex pocket hoodie consists of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton. It features a stylish design and can be worn by couples.The high-quality materials can be washed by hand or with a washing machine. This hoodie features cotton blended fabrics, and it’s designed to keep you warm when worn in cold weather.

Best 3D Animal Printing

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3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is a family of processes that produces objects by adding material in layers that correspond to successive cross-sections of a 3D model. Plastics and metal alloys are the most commonly used materials for 3D printing, but it can work on nearly anything—from concrete to living tissue. Throughout history, animal print has been a fixture in fashion as a social symbol to represent wealth and class due to the wild, exotic nature. Keep warm and toasty on the chilliest of nights with this 3D bedding sets featuring a must-have print. The majestic tiger shows his quiet strength on your exotic bedding ensemble with vivid detail creating an amazing safari theme in your bedroom. It is sure to add an upscale contemporary flair to your own personal space.

3D Tiger Printing Bedding Sets/Duvet Covers

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3D Leopard Printing Bedding Sets/Duvet Covers

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3D Lion Printing Bedding Sets/Duvet Covers

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3D Peacock Printing Bedding Sets/Duvet Covers

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Maintenance of Bedding

Bedding maintenance is an important part of human health, cleanliness, and well being. Storage of bedding is important to insure that the bedding does not ruin. The best place to store it is in an environment that is dry and above ground level. Frequent bedding change is important to decrease the amount of bacteria.The most bacterial contaminated area is the front of the stall.This area should receive the most attention when cleaning and changing the bedding. It is recommended that the bedding is more frequently changed , since the bedding will become contaminated faster.

It is important to note that weather, frequent bedding maintenance, ventilation influence bacteria levels. When one or several of these things change or are not met the susceptibility of illness significantly increases. These illnesses are potentially deadly to cure and that is why the maintenance of bedding is so important.