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Thoughts against the past memories, one tragic play a song, unable to bear.Hazy smell intoxicating beauty.Looking at the stars that the noise of the boring.There is a strange feeling.May be the next corner, under a second heart.Under a dim ethereal.You smiled at me stood in the street.Say my bad, cheap to pick the cotton candy in the air has been melted, the sweet in the heart has been shattered, canthus tears have dried.The voice of the phone has been cold.How many if miss the most beautiful smile kept shaking, so the time stopped.The horizon rendering this delicate and touching of the world.
The cloudy day of valentine’s day, let all my mind bit by bit, a person’s emotional browsing your photos.Open the space for a long time not logged in, look at you if have if have no speech.
Can’t help but want to leave yesterday.Tap the keyboard warm said.As if I had never been to your world, I have no trace at all.Reply to you;Trace written in your heart, can you see?I try to send once strange taste with a smile.I had to pretend to can’t see, don’t want to know his sore back.A person’s emotional hug the side of the road maintenance.Quiet has lost to let it go, replied;Eternal love.Eternal distance. Beddinginn reviews attract ¬†people who with the sweet dream. Beddinginn nice reviews give you the lonely dream.

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Nowadays many bedrooms irregular shape: interesting Angle, arc, spires, inclined wall, etc., some additional small skylight.Different the adornment of the bedroom is decorated can break the routine, bold out and eliminate heavy wardrobe, flexible cloakroom, background wall, decorative furnishing articles can make an exception and choose alternative modelling and bright colors.In short, everything can be outside of conventional thinking.Use the bedroom ceiling transform window “tiger” more: inclined roof sag to form a large area in the skylight (commonly known as the tiger window).Generally, such bedroom interior space area is not large, but the skylight opening in the inclined roof sag is very big, regardless of the ventilation and lighting conditions are good.On the beams with a arc condole top, can alleviate the oppressive sense on the vision.In addition, able to bear or endure look high quality to the skylight and curtain already can beautification bedroom artistic conception, but also to have the wind shading effect.Arc bedroom furniture collocation to “smooth” bedroom half arc more see in old room: the balcony of a circular arc in the bedroom wall caused by the irregular integral space.Such house general French window is very big, the height of the room is very high, so the space of natural lighting conditions is very good, indoor light.In addition, curves of wall can bring the lively atmosphere to space, but furniture is a difficulty, founder of the furniture is put in curved space always feel uncomfortable.At this moment, can consider to use arc French window and curved bar pane and curtains to surround the bedroom big bed, in order to highlight the characteristics of arc bedroom.Different bedroom lamplight decorate a study In general, decorate in the corner lamp, can appear the room is bigger and brighter.If different room space itself is very high, can use the droplight with new model;If the bedroom is the height is very low, use ground lamp or shoot the light, so that can let a space appear clear.The edge of the curved roof mount small shoot the light, and the lower part of the head of a bed pack shangdi lamp, can make curves in photograph reflect light. Beddinginn reviews provide many kinds of styles. You can choose the nice one. Welcoming you to beddinginn nice reviews.¬†Beddinginn reviews


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Mediterranean style, contracted, with tonal give priority to, light and shadow, is not so gorgeous city, there are only quiet, this is life, life also is such, modern Mediterranean style.Design concept: the case using the modern Mediterranean style build indoor space plain, elegant, romantic atmosphere, advocate natural, pure rural amorous feelings.In addition to meet the owner of the home, pay more attention to the environmental atmosphere, the cultural connotation, mental functions such as construction.Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics.Pay attention to space on combination collocation, make full use of every inch of space, and not show constraint, do not break the atmosphere, especially use open more free space;On the selection, generally choose the subdued color natural, integrating decoration and application;On cupboard door, such as combination collocation to avoid trivial, let a person feel romantic breath everywhere and eclecticism culture grade.The case for the double double entry, design style is Mediterranean style.Ju wood brushing lacquer process, fixed furniture, white local brunet furniture, deserve to go up on colour contrast.Sofa, curtain, wallpaper and other details with shallow brown, is the complement of this depth contrast color, make the colour on the space won’t appear too.Positioning on the style, although is ou shi, but is different from the traditional classic European style, on modelling, did not use the common elements, such as the Roman column, fireplaces, here can’t see the publicizing of baroque, detail place using circular arc processing, looks more natural, proper.TV setting local silver mirror modelling, resolve the bay is formed by a small new cramped sitting room, at the same time, using the combination of soft package, to sound reflection, played a good improvement, for people who like to enjoy family cinema, it is a good choice.Storage tank under the stairs, namely, rise to decorate the effect, is ideal to receive place, beautiful at the same time, have to be very practical.Bronze chandelier, wall lamp, with bent arm reminiscent of the ancient Mediterranean romance and mystery.This also is to have been to the foreign country, like the owner of the romantic, is exactly what she wanted. Beddinginn reviews is the good choice for person who seeking for the simple and romantic. Beddinginn nice reviews provide many styles of decoration. You can choose the nice one.


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Pastoral style lets a person feel comfortable and natural, leisurely, satisfy people yearning for romance.Design emphasized the natural regression of the heart feeling, give a person a kind of face of full-bodied breath.Pastoral style decorating design also often put some incorporated in the design style, fine late accessories to show relaxed, happy, natural rural life.
Rural style advocate “return to nature”, so the pastoral style decorating design materials advocate natural, brick, ceramics, wood, stone, the more natural rattan, bamboo, the better.On the choice of fabric texture in natural products such as cotton, hemp, his feeling as it happens and do not act the role of carve of pursuing corresponds to the country style, not least, the bedroom of rural style but also through green living space into a “green space”, such as combination of furniture decorate afforestation, or key adornment and edge decoration, can also be arranged along the window, make the plant into the bedroom, create a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere. Beddinginn reviews provide you the nice and pretty pictures for you. Beddinginn nice reviews is the fashion online store with bedding sets and home decors.

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Innovation consciousness the colors and the formation of the atmosphere is the indispensable factors in the process of interior design.Designs the appeal of emotion has a very close relationship with designers, designers should mobilize the own life and culture quality and accumulation, the designer daily living material collection, the absorption of various cultural literacy, all kinds of the feeling of the local conditions and customs, accumulated to a certain extent will pour into your own design.The size of the space, color and contrast, line is fluent and coordination;The choice of materials and change, involve and express the designer’s emotion and creativity.Interior design in the form of language with the designer’s emotion and creativity, is easy to perceive and resonate, physiological, psychological and sensory pleasure.The stronger the designer’s creation desire, the more emotional, is the inspiration that is on the horizon.Now a lot of the owner to choose decoration company that decorate, the first step is to see the inside of the company designer, look at the designer’s idea and experience, and so on, so the designer by the appears is important.First designer must have their own ideas, and combining the owner reasonable ingredients of thoughts, the optimized design thinking active, efforts to innovation, and constantly improve design scheme, must design the emotion induced in creative and design, and produce inspiration for emotional and rational play to reach the best state.Good designer works should give a person the sense with elegant and unconventional, interior design is a kind of cognitive process, is to learn interior design, the principle of the law, the concrete application of designer only strive to improve their own quality, just can have innovation.For the understanding of design, the basic principle of law should be just right, and only to accumulate experience in practice, continuously explore new things, deliberately, to master the law, summing up experience, improve the level of aesthetic, open field of vision. Beddinginn reviews major in the nice and delicate bedding sets and home decors. If you are interested in decoration, you can pay attention to beddinginn nice reviews.


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Photos to walk, like take the last line of balance spring, from now on will lose soul. Only the box careless floor, is so pale and went to the spot under the sunshine point-blank mask, the tears, until the middle of the night to hear the clatter of tears in the glass. Or as usual static, quiet even fell to the dust in the air can make a sound. Occasionally awakened frame mumbling gibberish, eagerly looked down, or a blank, or inadvertently. Photo frame and thick closed her eyes and continued to speak only yourself can hear understand the story.
At that time also is such a quiet, quiet can hear the air is singing. The frame of the hand is always surrounded by the photos, careful care. Most of the time just quietly looking at photos that look in the eyes of the obsession in the distance, enduring every slight change, don’t want to interrupt her daydream, afraid of one day of release. ‘talk?”Picture frame of deep said. ‘press, say” photos are still looking at the distance. “we will always embrace hold?””Let me be forever so be holding you, smelling the smell of you, enjoy your plain security and the temperature of the sun, but……,” “but what?”I am afraid of sunshine bring me warm at the same time can let my youth fade, face grow old little by little, and that is a terrible thing!”Really scary? Some don’t understand of ask frame.” time will let us mentality change, lost at the same time, it will have eternal. Just let it be, let us embrace the change old rotten, paste together, melting into one, right up until the moment that we can’t see the sun, is it not a kind of happiness. “didn’t know, still heavy looking at the distant place, her pupils in the sunlight slightly smaller, with fear of dim. The frame for a long time didn’t raise his head, down her eyes straight at the distance, seemed to see her heart and maybe that day really not far away. Beddinginn reviews provide the nice home decors for you and your family. Nowadays, beddinginn nice reviews display the nice picture about many aspects. You can scan the articles and know more.


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Clusters of faint fragrant orchid still put in the yard, beautiful butterfly dancing in the flowers, the mountain spring has been through the home at the door.In the morning, the fog dissipates, through a small sun, clusters of faint fragrant orchid still put in the yard, beautiful butterfly dancing in the flowers, the mountain spring has been through the home at the door.In the morning, the fog dissipates, through a small sun, an old man with a hoe, carrying baskets, walked to the courts, he sang the verse, walking leisurely into the hospital…He is the tao yuanming.
Vanilla, always regardless of farmland, self-sufficient.In my spare time, cheap spring cut chrysanthemum tea, carefully taste.Busy farming, they no pillow with orchid dependency, enjoy it.Tao yuanming’s life at home, wherever the distinctive at leisure and open-minded.He arrive every day, looking for fun.Remember the “morningside HuangHui, take on rizhao-heze hoe. The long, narrow vegetation evening dew of my clothes. Clothes for solicitors, but would make no violations.”The path covered with weeds, wet with the dew of his clothes, but it’s ok, as long as you don’t go against his wishes.From then on, is so leisurely. Beddinginn reviews is the fashion and warm place with the delicate bedding sets and nice home decors. For me, I love beddinginn nice reviews and I will choose the best things for my family.